Saturday, January 25, 2014

Bed Rest

Last week, I had an emergency appendectomy. It was the most painful, unfortunate, and embarrassing day of my life which is as specific as you probably want me to get. I’ll just leave you with this special moment: when the ER nurse tried explaining the procedure to me, I turned to Nathan and loudly announced “I just want her to get this bitch out of me.”

Thanks to everyone who was nice to me while I was in the hospital, especially my parents. They were halfway to Jackson Hole when they found out I was having surgery. They turned all the way around just to watch me eat ice chips in a hospital bed.


Aaaaaannnnyway, I’ve been on bed-rest for the last ten days which has given me plenty of time to write about myself. With the exception of my recent health issues, I have been so happy with my life in 2014.

Did you know I finally graduated? After 5 long years at Weber State, I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting. I’m so happy to close that chapter of my life. Sure, there are definitely some people who love college. I just don’t think those people are full-time accounting students who are also working 35 hours a week in an accounting office. Thank heavens it’s over ya’ll.

As of now, I have full-time accounting job that I love. My favorite part is my office in Downtown SLC. I can walk to City Creek on my lunch break, Coffee Garden is right across the street, I’m in walking distance of three bookstores, and there are tons of restaurants that make it really hard to maintain a healthy diet.

As a final note, here are some pictures of my one year-old (one! I can’t believe he is one!) nephew cramming his face with cupcakes for his first birthday. I love you Ewan, you’ll always be my little munchkin.


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