Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I’m lucky enough to call these 5 girls my best friends, and even luckier they agreed to be my bridesmaids. I wanted to give them each a little shout out (in alphabetical order, I'm so democratic).

Corrine is SUCH a good BFF, except I don’t ever call her by her real name. She has had the following nicknames over the years: Rin, Connie, Con, Cronnie, Corn, Corn Dog, and finally Corn Hole. I really doubt she likes being called Corn Hole, but she doesn’t complain that much. That’s how good of a friend she is. We’ve been bff's since 4th grade and she’s always been better than me at EVERYTHING. Like this one time, she made me try out for basketball in 9th grade and even though she is 5 inches shorter than me, she kicked my butt and made the team. I did not... But neither did Rosie, who also tried out for some inexplicable reason.  Anyway, Corrine is really loyal and so supportive. This one time I was sad and she literally showed up at my house with a laundry basket full of kittens to cheer me up. Just knowing, I have friend like her by my side has been so helpful in my life. Love you Corn Hole Face Dog.  

Moe is the sweetest, most fun girl in my life. She never brings any drama or says mean things and she always makes friends wherever we go. We both cry a lot. I'm almost positive she cried in the Justin Beiber movie. So when I called her and told her I got engaged, it was kiiinnnda emotional. I mean, I wouldn’t compare myself to Beiber, but ya know. We played soccer together for like 10 years. Soccer tournaments with Moe were the best thing of my life. We always went shopping and out to eat between games.  One time we slept in her trailer for three days parked next to our soccer field. We will forever be bonded by our time together as Warriors. Also, I’m pretty sure she has ordered Mac and Cheese off of the kid’s menu at every restaurant in the greater Utah area. Now I’m just listing random facts. Did you know she also runs marathons? What a champ. She currently lives in Provo but I'm trying my hardest to make her come home. Consider yourself kidnapped, homegirl. 
Rachface is the keeper of all of my secrets.  Sometimes, I think she knows me better than I know myself. She is the girl I call first, because I know she won’t judge anything that comes out of my mouth. I say some really crappy stuff sometimes and she just laughs at me. We’ve been BFF’s for so long that I really don’t know how it all began. We have made up a million inside jokes over the past 22 years and we still reference them a lot. “MILHOUSE… WORD”, “Hey Mrs. Coleslaw, sorry I murdered your husband”, “SUPER TALL BOYFRIENDS”, “Keebler Elf.” On, the more serious side, Rachel is a really strong girl. I feel like we’ve both helped each other through a lot of shit times. You know that song by Train that goes “something, something, best friend always sticking up for you, even when they know you’re wrong something, something” that’s how I feel about Rach, she’s got my back and I’ve got her’s. I know she will always be my friend, and that makes me really happy. Love you like bro and a sis.  

Rosie was the sister I never had.  I secretly think my parents liked her a little bit more than they liked me all those years, she was significantly less sassy. We practically shared a closet. Honestly, it got to the point when I didn’t know who bought what and when. She has seen me cry 4.7 million times and I have seen her cry once. To be fair, I think she has only cried 2 times in her life. We went to each other’s family parties and family vacations. I had a mattress pad permanently situated on my floor so she could sleep over every weekend.  She took me to school every morning. My Dad used to buy Miracle Whip and keep it in our fridge because she didn’t like mayo.  I even named my dog after her, mostly because I thought it was funny. Rosie pooped on the floor haha! Yeah, it was only funny for about a week and a half. Don’t name your pets after your best friend. It just turns into a confusing mess. We used to sneak out of my Dad’s house in the middle of the night and do stupid, but sometimes awesome, but mostly stupid stuff. We put a tree on Daniel Kesler’s car one night (awesome). We would go to the graveyard with boys to see some ghost I still don’t believe exists (stupid). She moved to American Fork to be married and start a dog family. I miss her all the time. So I send her a lot of annoying texts and comment on everything she does on Instagram. Just like a good sister should. Also, we pinky swore if one of us got a boob job the other one would too. If that doesn't say best friends, I don't know what does.

So, the Goddard School of Business at Weber State University is full of 28 year old men who have wives and two to three children at home and are trying to step up the corporate ladder by getting a business degree... and then there is me and Shanna. You know those people that you are just instantly friends with? That’s me and Shan. We bonded over our love of clothes and the fact that we were by far the youngest people in the accounting program. I also swear we are destined to be twins for life.  We always show up with the EXACT same computer/planner/shoes/lipgloss, always. She’s graduating this spring, and even though I’m proud of her, I’m sad that after ALL THOSE YEARS of awful professors/tests/assignments, we won’t be walking together. She is the only person who can truly understand how college destroyed my soul. That was a joke, my soul is still intact (barely). She has been a really great support system and role model for me and I’m so grateful for her friendship.


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