Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Aloha Utah

To plan a wedding in Hawaii, you need a great deal of patience. You can’t be the kind of girl who loses her shit when her wedding planner takes 9 days to return your phone call. You need to be able to go with the flow. When people refuse to give you information without a down payment, you must keep calm and not scream “UNACCEPTABLE” out loud, in front of your coworkers.

Unfortunately, I am not that kind of girl.

So I politely said “no thank you” to my Hawaiian contract and I am getting married in Utah. Destination-wedding planning is serious business. I was kind of naïve in thinking I could just call my wedding planner and have her take care of everything. Every time I got over one issue, another would pop up and I never seemed to be making progress. I’d call my wedding planner like 80 times, and her response would come a week and a half later in the form of a bizarre email sent at 7 am Utah time (so 3 am in Hawaii). What a weirdo. I tried (admittedly, not very hard) looking for other wedding planners and they all acted about the same way.


Nate and I are getting married because we love each other and we would like to celebrate that love. We already live together and our lives are already incredibly intertwined (i.e. he has to ask me how old HIS siblings are), so getting married isn’t going to drastically change our lives. That being said, I feel like there is no reason for us to have an unpleasant wedding. I just want it to be happy and stress-free (I know, easier said than done). Most of all, I would prefer to stop leaving sassy voicemails and writing angry e-mails to wedding vendors who are a million miles away. It’s kind of hard to balance my chakras when I’m verbally assaulting people.

That’s a joke, I didn’t verbally assault anyone.

I feel so much happier getting married in Utah. Really this is not a sad post, I am so relieved. When Nate told me he really didn’t care WHERE we got married, I started jumping for joy (on the inside, because we were in a car at the time). Planning the wedding in Utah is already ten times more fun! Our actual wedding is still going to be very very small, but this way I can have a better reception and see EVERYONE that I love. Also, thank you to all of my friends and family who have been so understanding and nice throughout this process. I’m lucky to be surrounded by the best.
Footnote: I got the CUTEST idea from someone’s blog (I’d post the link if I could remember) about making a book out of all the blog posts you write up until your wedding day. I loved the idea, so all of my posts will probably be wedding related. Yep, I steal people’s ideas.

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