Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Day of Love

Sooo.... I really love Valentine's Day. I ALWAYS have. I think it's because it's the only holiday that Nate and I can do whatever we want. Also, I really just love Nathan.
I wanted to do something special this year and my coworker gave me the cute idea to do 14 days of Valentines! I gave Nate a different present each morning, starting on February 1st and ending on V-Day. Every present had a cute little saying to go along with it. I also wrote two poems, one to start the 14 days and one to conclude.
I couldn't really keep track of all the hearts with the sayings on them #catproblems. But here is a breakdown of what I did:
Day 1: Lucky Brand Boxers - "I am so LUCKY your mine."
Day 2: Mints - "We were MINT to be."
Day 3: A V-Day chocolate bar with cute sayings - "This bar says it all."
Day 4: iLuv Brand Headphones: "iLuv U!"
Day 5: Nuts - "I'm NUTS over you!"
Day 6: Peach O's - "I'm PEACHY keen on you."
Day 7: Orange Soda - "ORANGE you glad we met?"
Day 8: Soap - "You make my heart BUBBLE over."
Day 9: Highlighter - "You are the HIGHLIGHT of my life."
Day 10: Gummy Bears: "I love you BEARY much."
Day 11: Trail Mix: "I'd be so MIXED up without you!"
Day 12: Socks -  "Life would SOCK without you!"
Day 13: Candle - "You are too hot to handle, just like this CANDLE."
Day 14: A shaving case- "Just in CASE you forgot, I love you!"
I also bought him some new dress clothes, to give him on Valentine's Day :)

 He was really really sweet and got me some AMAZING flowers, and a cute new robe from Victoria's Secret along with some chocolates.

Okay, the chocolates were super cute. But they tasted like straight up perfume. I couldn't decide if VS meant them to be chocolates or perfume... It was weird... I still ate most of them.
This was our SEVENTH (holy crap) Valentine's Day together. And I really felt like it the most special one yet!
Hope your V-Day was as good as mine!


  1. Rosie said a swear....................

  2. Rosie, how dare you curse on my very appropriate blog!?
    Also, thanks guys! :)